10 Reasons to Use a Grinder

Learn 10 reasons why you should be using a premium grinder to grind your herb.

Contrary to popular belief, using a grinder to break down your herb is a massive difference maker. In fact, more often than not, people overlook how essential grinding really is!

A grinder takes your cannabis experience to the next level. By introducing a process that mashes your buds into smaller, manageable shreds, grinders give smokers and herb enthusiasts a tool to consume with ease.

Whether you are rolling one up or packing a bowl, owning an efficient grinder is essential to doing things the right way. And the right way starts with grinding your herb.

If you have yet to grind, you will find your new favorite toy in a grinder. Stop using your hands and kitchenware and get to grinding. Oh and if you have stumbled upon this article whilst looking for reasons to use the dating app, Grindr, you’ve come to the wrong place…


Here are 10 reasons why you should be grinding. Your herb, that is.

Just as a painter needs his paintbrush, a hemp enthusiast needs his grinder. It’s as simple as that! The following list will explain exactly why you should use a grinder.


1. Hands are for Rolling, Not Grinding!

Hands are for rolling and grinders are for grinding. Grinders effortlessly take the archaic aspect out of getting the most out your flower. Hands should be used for rolling and lighting, not picking apart your herb.

Breaking down herbs into a fine grind is basically impossible without the right tool. Scissors and fingernails can only do so much. And the amount of time and effort that go into the process can be rather frustrating.

When we breakdown flower with our hands we are lending our fingertips to the natural, sticky residue that comes off our herb. Not only do our fingers gum up with resin, but they will also smell like hemp for the next couple of hours. Grinders eliminate those issues seamlessly.

If you haven’t already, treat your hands and purchase a premium herb grinder. We assure you, you and your cuticles will be very pleased with your new accessory.


2. It makes your herb easier to smoke.

Smokability is the absolute number one reason to use a grinder. Grinding your herb will make it easier to smoke and also help you to get more out of it.

In terms of density and general composition, herbs come in many different shapes and sizes. Hemp grinders take the effort out of dealing with these different forms by shredding up all herbs in a uniform manner.

When more surface area is exposed, more cannabinoids and terpenes are exposed as well, giving the smoker more access to flavors and effects. Furthermore, when your herb is ground up into smaller pieces it exposes more of its surface area, providing more benefits than say a larger, not ground piece of herb might.


3. It’s better for rolling joints and more.

Finely ground herb is the way to go when rolling a joint, blunt or spliff!

Clumps and clusters procured from picking at flower with your hands and scissors are not suited to be rolled up in a zig-zag, or a tobacco leaf. Larger pieces of herb usually burn at an uneven rate, which as I’m sure you’ve found, ruins a nicely rolled blunt or joint.

We call that “canoing.” Grinding your herb will help you to avoid starting a joint canoe.
Grinders evenly separate your hemp herbs into a smokable, rollable mixture of cannabis; and one that is consistent and uniform throughout. There is truly nothing better.

A grinder is a joint roller’s skeleton key, giving them the power to break down any herb thrown his or her way and roll that ‘ish up.


4. It’s better for packing bowls.

If you prefer to enjoy your herb with glass pieces, you will also love using a grinder. Packing bowls is way easier with a ground blend of herb!

Grinders and pieces are like peas in a pod and should be used in tandem. When you grind your hemp you end up with a blend that is easier to pack into a bowl. Your herb will fit neatly into any bowl once ground.

Because more surface area is exposed, you will also benefit from the released terpenes and cannabinoids from your newly packed hemp.


5. It allows you to conserve your herb.

You are essentially evening out your hemp blend when you use a grinder. It becomes a completely uniform grind.

A uniform grind allows you to separate appropriately and portion your consumption. By doing this you can conserve your herb much easier than if you were simply breaking off pieces from a nug.

Grinding your herb into an even shake is the ultimate way to conserve and enjoy. It’s like meal prep but for cannabis!

Conserving your herb will save you money and peace of mind. Thanks grinder!


6. It’s handy and portable!

Grinders are easy to carry around with you as well. They are sleek, compact and portable!

Most grinders will easily fit into a small pocket on your jeans or jacket. You can truly take your grinder wherever you go.

Of course there are different types and sizes of grinders! Four piece metal grinders are usually a bit larger but still small enough to be pocketed or put in your purse or fanny pack.


7. It helps you preserve lighter fluid.

Whether you have an issue with consuming butane and other chemicals or just want to extend the life of your lighter, grinding your flower will help reduce both.

When herb is ground up, it becomes lighter and has more room for air flow, allowing for a cherry to occur (or simply keeping the herb lit without using a flame). If the herb is still in its denser, larger form it requires a longer burn and therefore more fluid to be used.

Burning thicker pieces of herb tends to use much more lighter fluid, so you won’t find yourself buying Bic lighter after lighter after lighter… Grinders to the rescue yet again!


8. It helps you save time and energy.


In today’s busy, fast-paced world who has time to sit and pick apart herbs with a pair of scissors? Most of us do not.

Grinders save us hemp enthusiasts tons of time. We’re talking hours and hours of precious life! Imagine taking twenty minutes to do what a grinder can do in thirty seconds!

Mass grinding is also a great way to save time when enjoying hemp. When you grind a large amount of your herb at once you will have a freshly ground shake at your ready whenever you need it!

Save time, save energy, invest in a grinder.


9. It helps you preserve the potency of your herb.

Believe it or not, when your herb comes into contact with human skin it comes in contact with oils. These oils absorb hemp pollen including cannabinoids and terpenes, causing them to stick to you rather than to the flower itself. As a result, the overall potency of your herb is decreased.

When you use a grinder you eliminate the connection of oil and herb and retain the potency of the flower. So technically speaking, grinders get you higher.

10. It allows you to collect kief.

Another reason to use a grinder is collecting kief or THC crystals.

What is kief, you ask? Kief is the tiny, sticky crystals, or trichomes, that you find encrusting your flower.

Kief contains concentrated amounts of THC, or the part of the herb that determines you just how relaxed you’re going to be.

When you use a grinder, you’re bound to lose some of the kief as the flower breaks apart. Some of the kief sticks to the internal chambers. That’s why most 4 piece grinders are designed with what is called a kief collector.

Grinders with multiple chambers are made with a thin mesh screen at the bottom of the middle chamber that allows the kief particles to filter through and collect in a separate chamber for you to use later.

There are several imaginative and fun ways to use your kief, including:

  1. Pressing it into hash or rosin for the ultimate high!
  2. Saving it for months (maybe longer depending on how much you smoke) and then rolling it up into a joint or blunt.
  3. Sprinkling it on your bowl for an extra special smoke session.
  4. Adding it into your coffee (sounds strange, but it can be done!)
  5. Use it to make cannabutter, and bake yourself something delicious for when the munchies kick in!


3 Big Problems with Using a Grinder

The advantages of using a grinder are pretty clear. If you’re a seasoned herb user, you’ve probably already been using a traditional plastic or metal for years!

You’re probably also aware of the usual pains that come with using a plastic or metal grinder. That’s why investing in a premium aluminum grinder, such as Bear Grinders, can really be worth your while.

Here are the 3 big problems with using a grinder and how our Standard 4-Piece Grinders have nipped them in the bud!


1. Metal-on-metal resistance.

A regular metal grinder becomes more difficult to use over time, especially as small pieces of herb and residue build up in the top chambers!
Bear Grinders are designed with a unique ball-bearing mechanism to eliminate metal-on-metal resistance. You can grind your herb easily and smoothly every time.

While all herb users can benefit from this design, Bear Grinders’ ease of use is especially great for those with arthritis or other ailments.


2. Residue build-up.

Another common issue with using an herb grinder is the build-up of residue and herb particles that can make your grinder jam and indicate it’s time for a proper cleaning.

With Bear Grinders, you can avoid having to constantly clean your grinder. Our unique design prevents pieces of herb getting stuck and building up over time.


3. Trying to line up the threads of the chambers to close it!

This one is for all the true herb lovers out there. If you’ve ever used a metal grinder, you understand the struggle of trying to line up the parts to twist it close. The threads become even trickier to align when you’ve already taken a hit!

Bear Grinders make it easier than ever to open and close your grinder. We eliminated the thread design altogether and instead procured three quick-release magnets. Just a quarter of a spin and you can access your herb or lock it up tight for later.



In conclusion, herb grinders make life as a hemp user a breeze.

Grinders offer you the opportunity to keep your hands clean and manageable while at the same time giving you a more smokeable, enjoyable end product. They help you create an even blend to roll, pack, and conserve.

You can bring your grinder with you and save time on the road, while enjoying the full potency of your herb. Don’t forget the kief! You’ll thank us later.

Bear Grinders offer an elevated grinding experience. Designed with ease of use, durability, and every kind of herb-user in mind, you’ll never need another grinder again.