For best efficiency, we found that filling the chamber half way is optimal for best performance of the grinder.

Yes. Holding the grinder upright, you can carefully lift off the plastic ring using your fingernail, or the little sharp cutout on the lid. To place it back, simply snap it back in place.

Absolutely. First you must remove the plastic ring and the ball bearings from within the grinder. After that, the grinder can be washed and cleaned like any other grinder.

There are 2 ways to clean the grinder: The first is to clean the inside of the mechanism using a Q tip. The second is to soak the whole grinder in alcohol solution once removing the plastic ring and ball bearings. You can also scan the QR code on the bottom of the grinder for more detailed instructions.

We will be providing spare ball bearing & plastic ring kits online in the near future. But in the meantime, you can purchase any 3mm ball bearings from amazon.

The main purpose of the QR code on the bottom of the grinder is to provide understanding on how to use and clean the grinder. Further more, it can be used to access the store and other promotions we’re having at the time.

No. At the moment we only ship within the United States.

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