Like many of you, we revere the act of consuming herb as a holy-like ritual. We recognize the importance this ritual plays in balancing out the stressors in our daily routines and the effect it has on our short and long term health. That’s why we wanted to improve the process for others and make it as easy and seamless as possible – every time.

Our mission is to introduce exclusive, high quality herb grinders and accessories that are innovatively engineered to optimize functionality and ensure a stress-free path to relaxation. We design each of our products with unparalleled craftsmanship, medical-grade materials and a customer-centric outlook. We’re committed to ease the daily stresses of the grind for herb users from all walks of life!


The Bear Grinder uses an ancient tool called a ball-bearing technology to create our patent-pending Bear Mechanism. This is what differentiates our premium product from other aluminum grinders. It is designed to spin with the slightest touch.

The mechanism occupies the outer-edge diameters of the grinder in a concealed space, so that it doesn’t come into contact with any flower. This allows you to avoid any build up of left-behind particles, residue or debris that can cause your grinder to jam. Our unique design completely eliminates metal-on-metal resistance and guarantees a frictionless grind.

Other key features include the dual-directional, quad-edged teeth and optimally sized holes that work together to shred your herb without over-processing it or flattening it into the sides of your grinder. With Quick Release Magnets, you can say goodbye to the hassle of trying to line up the threads of a traditional grinder every time you want to open and close it.

Bear Grinders are built to last and designed to help you make the most out of your daily routines. You’ll never need to buy another grinder again.

Herb has always been therapeutic for me, acting as a medicine in my life. It has helped me greatly in many aspects, including relaxation, creativity, and sleep. It’s an important cornerstone of my day that can never be replaced. I’ve also always been obsessed with entrepreneurship and inventing; wanting to create something of my own. For years, I had been struggling with numerous herb grinders that would constantly get stuck, develop rust, or just simply become unusable. Purchasing all these grinders was not only irritating, but also bad for the environment.

From there I became determined to solve this pesky problem (one that not only causes me personal frustration, but countless other herb consumers as well). I then decided to teach myself pretty much everything having to do with product development. Subsequently, after a few years of various ups and downs, BEAR GRINDER was born! My team and I are extremely proud to offer you this unique herb consumption solution — it will delight you every time you decide to prepare for your next ‘sesh’ — truly becoming the last grinder you’ll ever need.

 -Amit Gorodetzer